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Monday, August 5, 2013

True Blood Season 6 Reaction

Honestly after a very absurd ending to Season 5 (Billith emerging from the pool of blood...uh gross), I contemplated whether I'd continue to watch True Blood or not. I decided to give it another go (mainly because Game of Thrones just ended) and boy am I glad I did!

This season has been the best yet because: 1) Alcide's hardly in it. 2) The plot is moving at a good pace 3) No off-putting overly romantic cheesiness 4) Sookie's not as annoying 5) Nobody likes Bill 6) Tara's not as annoying 7) More focus on the primary characters' storylines than the side ones like Sam 8) Impending Vampire vs Human War...? I think yes!

Just a fair warning if you've never read any of my past TV show reaction posts, I do get quite into these posts so excuse any offensive language. I'll be commenting on any major turning points in the plot. Therefore, if you haven't watched this season, SPOILERS AHEAD.


Well well well of course some guy stuck in a bush would turn out to be some gorgeous dimpled hunk who even broken-hearted Sookie is slightly enamored with. I instantly saw chemistry between the two and (although I freaking love Eric, him and Sookie have had no chemistry...even when he had a mini bout of amnesia) really wanted them to get together until *BAM* we realize he's Warlow--Lilith's progeny who happens to also be a ROYAL fae and a vampire. Say what?! I was initially sad because that meant Sookie and him would never get together. Of course the story unfolds that he is actually sort of a good guy and Sookie's parents are actually wackos (seriously....her dad really tried to kill his daughter...twice) and Warlow wants to be with Sookie, his rightful mate or whatever. Blah blah blah just take your damn shirt off.


 Ah yes Bill, or shall I say Billith? He officially went to Crazy Town, USA and his poor baby Jessica, who feels compelled to support her maker. Even though I really didn't like him in the beginning of the season, I'm starting to really like him. For example, he seems nearly invincible now, especially since he's found a temporary way to walk in the sun and he apparently can't die from a stake. I still can't believe Sookie had the balls enough to stake him, I mean who seriously thought that would ever happen? Not me. In the last episode, he decapitated the governor which was a pretty epic scene. He also has visions of the future. A noteworthy one is one with all the vampires (Jess, Tara, Eric, Pam, etc) in jail attire inside a metallic room (later learned to be part of the evil governor's torturing lab chambers) and are exposed to the sun, and they're all set on fire. Definitely going to be part of the season finale.

Return of Sarah:

Oh no. Not her again. If it ain't (as LaFayette would say...or maybe it's just me) the bible-banging Fellowship of the Sun psychotic biatch (aka Newman's ex-wife)! Apparently she's banging the Louisiana Governor, who's plotting to eradicate the vampire race, even the latest episode revealed they are adding a lethal to vampires only substance in all bottles of Tru Blood, which there is a shortage of. Her and her (now late) boyfriend, who she used because as she said in order to cause change, "you gotta get into politics," run a "research" (aka torture) labratory where they treat them like animals, attempting to study their psychological background and even during copulation, a word Jason did not know (lol). She was also on the brink of mentioning something to the governor and it sounded like she had big news but never truly got around to it but I have a feeling she might be pregnant with his baby but now that she's slept with Jason, she'll claim it's his. I smell trouble.

Eric & Pam

I really love this dynamic duo so it was really annoying when the writers decided to strain their relationship, especially regarding Nora and the governor's daughter. He even released her, which was extremely sad. I was really scared when they were put in that mini torture chamber to fight each other but luckily they both read each others' minds and attacked the government officials instead. I really hope they mend their relationship because I really love their cute father daughter relationship.

The Emma Custody Battle/Annoying Supernaturals-Human Alliance Advocates

When Nora died, her dying wish was for Sam to take care of Emma. Although I believe Emma deserves to be with Sam, as long as she's with Martha and not the wolf pack, I'm okay with that. I still wish he left her a phone number or something to keep in touch rather than straight-up abandoning her but I guess it's for her own safety. Now about those annoying hipster/world peace wannabes, I'm glad the werewolves killed all of them but I'm not glad Nicole managed to escape and is now running away with Sam. I mean, really?? I used to really like Sam but he's been getting more and more annoying each season.

The Bellefleur's 

I honestly never gave a crap about this family until this season. Seeing Andy struggle being a father to his rapidly growing quadruplet girls was amusing, especially with his "number" names. However, it was really sad seeing his heartbreak finding out all but one of his girls were killed by Jessica. Now about his brother Terry......

I get that he was so traumatized by their murders during wartime but man that death scene was just so sad. Poor Arlene. She thought she prevented his suicide by making him forget, which made it even worse since Terry had no idea why he was shot. I wish LaFayette still had a stash of his V which he could feed to Terry to save him. I was basically bawling during this entire scene.

What are your thoughts on this season?

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