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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mini Haul: Bargain Shopping

I'd definitely consider myself a bargain shopper, always looking through the sales racks and feeling discouraged to purchase when an item's not on sale. I recently went shopping and purchased a few very affordable clothes. I decided to do a little mini haul since I've been neglecting my blog these past weeks.

I definitely love the crochet/knit-type designs and a majority of my tank tops have that design. I couldn't resist this cute shirt from F21 with a crochet-like backing. The color is also one of my favorites, a nice bright green, like a level below mint (?). If anybody knows what this type of green is called, please comment below! This retailed around $15 or so.

I think Old Navy has nice "plain" pieces, if that makes sense, that are affordable and timeless (by that I mean I'm pretty sure I could still wear this in 10-20 years without looking odd). This brown-green t-shirt was $5 and I frequently wear plain t-shirts and don't have one in this color so I decided to buy it. 

H&M is basically my go-to store (isn't it almost everyone's?!). I almost never come out empty-handed when I walk in there. Again, I really like the crochet-like design and I actually have something similar to this in a darker blue but I still couldn't help it because this was on sale for $7!

 My favorite purchase has to be this striped dress from H&M that was on sale for $17! I thought it was super cute and it fit nicely. I feel like this is something you could wear to any daytime outing that would look super cute with the right shoes and accessories.

I also bought some black jeans from American Eagle but I thought it'd be too boring to put in the post haha.

Well that's all I bought today. What are some of your favorite stores?


  1. I like the color of the shirt you got from Old Navy, and I really need a pair of black jeans! H&M is probably my favorite store at the moment and definitely my most shopped at store. I agree that you can almost never walk out H&M empty handed!

    1. glad i'm not the only one who thinks so!

  2. I tag you do the Second Edition Beauty Blogger tag! Check out my blog for the details! :)

  3. I like the tank! I love that pattern though I don't think I own anything summery in it.

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