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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I finally watched "Frozen"

Wow, it's been around five months since my last blog post and I really have no excuses. Life just gets busy and blogging gets put on the back burner. Anyways, I recently watched "Frozen," the animated film that has taken the world by storm. So I'm going to write on my thoughts about it...teaser: Just like everybody else, I freaking loved it.

Now, I'm not a huge animation lover. The only animated films I like is Toy Story, Shrek, an Up. Everything else does not really interest me, especially princess-type movies...or so I thought.

As a disclaimer for any upcoming critiques, it is impossible to avoid hearing my peers at school hum or belt out lyrics from the several songs in the movie, whether it be the adorable "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" or the powerful "Let it Go". Some people also inadvertently spoiled the plot twists in the movie and anybody who knows me, knows I absolutely hate spoilers. It takes away a film's element of surprise which detracts from the movie as a whole. The music was also not as effective or moving on me as it could have been since I already knew most of the songs from my fellow peers. This and the spoilers made my viewing slightly less positive. Regardless, it was still an adorable movie that captured my heart with its adorable characters and catchy soundtrack.

I'm not going to summarize the plot here since I feel like you can search that up anywhere online and I do not feel like wasting time doing so. However, there really is not too much plot to the story, which was disappointing. Again, perhaps the plot twists had a more profound effect on other viewers but not me since people who spoiled it for me (I won't hold a grudge though....urgh). 

The graphics were truly amazing and I could not get over how gorgeous Anna and Elsa were. I hear all the time that boys think Elsa is "hot" and girls are jealous of Elsa. I rolled my eyes at those comments. But when I watched the movie, I completely understood. When Elsa began singing "Let it Go", I couldn't help but feel....jealous. Jealous. of. pixels. Talk about self-esteem issues. Anna was also cute in her quirky, clumsy way that mimics my own mannerisms. If I were in elementary school, I would definitely dress up as either of the sisters on Halloween.

What I found interesting was Disney's take on the overplayed "love conquers all" aspect. Walking into the theater, I knew I was going to expect some super cheesy ending where everybody lives happily ever after. Well, in a way, *spoiler alert* that did happen. However, it is usually some prince that saves everyone (true love's kiss blah blah). It was a really interesting twist to see that the 'true love' in Frozen was familial love, the sisterly bond/love between Anna and Elsa. It was refreshing and was a far less cheesier approach. Bravo, Disney.

Of course, being a romantic comedy junkie, I cannot not comment on the 'prince' character(s) of the movie. Now, the moment Kristoff walked into that cabin in the mountains covered in Eskimo-esque attire, I immediately knew I would love him. There was something mysterious and cold on the outside but I knew there was a soft, gentle guy on the inside, much more genuine than Hans (*eyeroll*). He was the perfect match for Anna and I couldn't help but feel jealous of her. Not to sound like a teenage girl or anything, but he was just so cute.

Last but not least, the cute little snowman named Olaf captured my heart. His cute "summer" song and his light yet deep quips ("Some people are worth melting for") made him so much more lovable. He and the reindeer were just as great of stars as Anna and Elsa.
Considering I'm not a fan of animation or really songs in movies, Frozen still managed to successfully captivate me. Not only that, when I came home, I immediately listened to the whole soundtrack, humming along to the great songs. I highly recommend watching it no matter what your age is.

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  1. Great review, Emily! Who needs Halloween to dress up like them? I would dress up any day :)