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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Etsy First Impression/Haul

So I recently came across the awesomeness of Etsy due to funsizebeauty, and I fell in love with their concept of homemade/vintage jewelry. I can't believe I've never purchased from this site before. I decided to buy jewelry (mainly earrings) from this site.

The biggest nuisance is having to order separately from different shops, which is understandable but it was annoying to pay for nearly four orders, each one with an expensive shipping price with it, so basically i spent 20 bucks on shipping which was sort of ridiculous. The ones that were made in the US arrived within a week, UK a week and a half, anywhere else between 2-3 weeks. Overall, I was happy with all the merchandise. 

These Mickey and Minnie earrings are my absolute favorite pair of earrings now. I adore them!

 These elephant earrings come in four different colors: lime green, bright sky blue, brown, or pink. I opted for the blue, which gives plain outfits a subtle pop of color.
 Yes. I'm a Star Wars fan.
I squealed when I saw these R2D2 earrings and received them as a birthday present. Thanks to my great friend Nicole! 
 Ah more nerdiness. Let's face it, I'm a major geek (though in my eyes I don't see how liking Star Wars or Harry Potter makes you a geek). I couldn't resist buying these HP Deathly Hallow earrings, gotta rep my Potter love.
 The epic nerdy streak continues.
I fell in love with this HP braclet online but I find it difficult to clasp since the claw itself has no chain attached to it which can make it a little difficult, especially since I have tiny wrists and really need to get close to the bracelet. It's still lovely though.


  1. Love the mickey and minnie mouse and the elephant earrings! :)

  2. thanks for the shoutout emily! Glad you've discovered etsy, I LOVE it! Thumbs up for the star wars earrings ;D

  3. The trick is to find 1 store with a bunch of stuff you like and order from there! Really saves on the shipping.

    7% Solution​

  4. I love everything here! Do you live in Canada or the US, and if the US, do you still have to pay shipping from suppliers that live in the US? Thanks!
    Angel |

    1. i live in the US and yes you still have to pay shipping from suppliers that live in the us