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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Reaction

Two words.

Holy shi*.

I apologize for my language but this TVD's season 4 finale was so epic and mind-blowing there are no words to even explain the intensity and plot twists of the episode. I've never been on the edge of my seat so much.

In fact, there were so many twists I'm just going to jot down all my thoughts in a list of events (SPOILER ALERT) :

--Katharine taking the cure: Halllelujah. Elena actually does something right for once! I used to really like Katharine but she's just gotten incredibly annoying as the season progressed with her whole "free me from klaus" speeches. At long last, she is the last thing she wants to be: mortal. I'm wondering how this will affect her seemingly strained relationship with Elijah (which btw is repulsive, eli can do way better). I somehow suspect Katharine won't stay human, which would've been a waste of the cure.

--Delena: Ah yes every Delena fan jumped and screamed and kicked their joy away when Elena finally confessed to Damon, who she is not sired to anymore, that she loves him. Though I was a huge Delena fan, I honestly wasn't very excited. For some reason, their whole storyline just got played out and I really wasn't interested anymore. Plus, I really hate Elena but love Damon and he deserves 10x more than what Elena offers (though Nina Dobrev is absolutely stunning of course). 
Yes, you are welcome.
--Dead Supernaturals' Stint at Life: This was by far my favorite part of the whole episode. I was giddy and squealing when my favorite dead supernaturals came back to life when Bonnie dropped the veil. It was amazing, I mean: Lexi, Alaric (whom I missed dearly for Damon is a sad puppy without his good ol' drinking friend...anybody remember when Damon told someone Alaric's old bar seat was taken..*tear*), and Jeremy (well actually he was just okay). I really wish they somehow had Lexi or Alaric stay and it was painful to see them go but the producers decided to keep Jeremy instead in exchange for Bonnie (which I don't mind since I never liked that witch). 

--Matt and Rebecca (Mabecca?): I honestly didn't see this one coming. Not their budding relationship but me actually wanting them to get together. I mean Rebecca has such an old soul about her (well duh considering she's centuries old) but Matt brings out the sweet, young girl inside her who just wants to go to prom and raise a family. I totally ship them, especially after that whole bomb trigger scene. Super cute.

--Stefan's Doppelganger: This was definitely the biggest surprise of the night. I mean, what. the. f*ck!? Silas is Stefan's doppelganger?! Huh?! I don't understand but I'm sure more details will unfold with Season 5. And you would think Stefan's vampiric strength would allow him to break free from that safe but I guess not (seriously?). I think it's going to be very interesting to see Silas take over Stefan's life and see how long it will take for anyone to notice. I can definitely see an intense confrontation soon between fake Stefan and Damon or an epic entrance from the actual Stefan.

--Klaroline: Are you joking? Writers, directors, producers or whoever has strung Klaroline fans along this whole season and all you give us is a measly peck on the lips WHICH U DIDNT EVEN SHOW. All we get is the sound of some pucker. NO. Just no. We do not deserve this. I swear when Klaus said something along the lines of "[Tyler] was your first love. But I intend to be your last," I could hear memes being created throughout the Internet. I'm so disappointed Caroline isn't scheduled to appear in The Originals, which I'm dying to see. But whatever, our patience is being tested and hopefully Klaroline will kindle their relationship once again.
Hi I'm Klaus and I'm irresistible but I decided to be a slut and now have baby on the way so I'm juts gonna be an idiot and allow my one true love be with the guy she is convinced is her one true love because I'm just that logical. Oh yeah and even though I love her like crazy, I'm just not gonna be all coy about it because I'm too much of a prideful bitch. 

Sorry for any cuss words throughout this post I get really into this show sometimes. I hope you enjoyed it and I cannot wait til' October for the next season!


  1. what an end to a crazy season! i wonder how awkward it will be for delena now that they're broken up irl!

    1. yes probably the worst timing ever for ian and nina to break up!

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