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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Childhood Favorites Tag!

I came across the Childhood Favorites Tag through Amarixe's video. I thought it was a cute idea that people from a certain age group can do and share a common interest with each other. This was an extremely fun tag to do as I reminisced about my childhood and hope you do this tag too!

1. Favorite childhood memory?
2. Favorite childhood story you don't remember but was told to you?
3. Favorite candy?
4. Favorite movie and tv show?
5. Favorite game?
6. Favorite things to do as a kid?
7. Favorite grade in school?
8. Favorite childhood photo?
9. Favorite meal?
10. Favorite thing about being a kid?

1. One memory that sticks out from my eventful childhood is the time where my kindergarten teacher hid the gingerbread man cake. I was in kindergarten (obviously) and even when I had my baby teeth, I had an affinity for sweets. It was right before winter break and the aroma from the gingerbread cake (aptly shaped into a 1 foot gingerbread man) we helped make filled the air of the small classroom. The children were released for recess and when we returned, the teacher gathered us and delivered the awful news that someone ate a leg off of the gingerbread cake. Sure enough, when I looked over at the decadent cake, a leg was missing! We went around asking if anybody was guilty of doing this and we even asked if a parent (who was a class aide) had done the evil deed. At that point, I was hangry (hungry + angry) because I just wanted to eat but the unfortunate incident had postponed my goal. I honestly forgot who the culprit was (or who my teacher claimed it was) and if we even ate the cake but I have always remembered that occurrence. There were so many more memorable happenings throughout my childhood but it would be absurd to name them all here.

2. I don't think I've ever been told something that I didn't remember so far but my mom did tell me when I was around 2, I was dressed as a bunny for Halloween and ran around the local mall to retrieve candy.

3. I used to be obsessed with Sour Punch Straws and Crunch. I still am.

4. Oh dear there are way too many to name. My favorite movie would have to be The Parent Trap (which is still my 2nd favorite movie), all the Halloweentown's (before Sara Paxton), and Beauty and the Beast to name a few. When I was very little, I was definitely into Barney, Xialin Showdown, Kids Next Door, Hey Arnold, Dora the Explorer, Lizzie McGuire, Boy Meets World, and Sister, Sister. Then, Disney started to fade into a different generation full of That's So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Hannah Montana, all of which I frequently watched.

5. Well I used to play my Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advanced but then the Nintendo DS came out and those were history. I used to play with my "R4" all the time, especially the old Sims series and I used to play this Trauma Surgeon game. I loved and still love simulated games.

6. Watch TV. I was captivated by that black box. I also liked to roam around the school playground with my friends and play four square or handball.

7. I remember I really enjoyed 5th grade. I liked my class and it was a very chill year.

8. There is one with my sister and me wearing Winnie the Pooh sunglasses like we were the coolest kids on the block. I'm too embarrassed to post it on this blog but it's pretty awesome.

9. I used to eat Kid Cuisine, Lean Cuisine, and Lunchables all the time. My parents worked often and my mom was usually working or too tired to cook. My sister and I were usually left with frozen TV dinners. Looking back on it now, we definitely had a disgusting diet even though I thought Kid Cuisine and Lunchables were delicious at the time!

10. I miss being carefree and not worrying so much as I do now. I loved having little homework and having class parties and recess. I viewed the world in such an innocent way like most children do and didn't have such a corrupted perspective of society like I do now. My youth is thus far one of the best things that ever happened to me and it's sad to think that I won't ever be able to truly experience that ever again. 

I tag anybody who is reading this to do this tag. Leave your blog in the comments so I can check it out :)

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  1. kid cuisine rocks! and i agree with #10 all the way!