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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Bachelor Season 17 Premiere Reaction

Yes. I am a few weeks late but hey, life gets a little chaotic and stressful and sometimes one doesn't have as much time to blog. 

Anyways, so in case you haven't heard, Sean Lowe is the new bachelor and he has 26 women to choose the supposed woman he "wants to spend the rest of his life with." Because it's totally reasonable to want to marry a woman that you have dated for a couple of months WHILE seeing other women. 

Despite the stupidity of the show, I still can't help but always be drawn to the craziness that accompanies the season premiere. However, I never really watch any of the episodes of the rest of the season because I always spoil it on Reality Steve. Keep in mind that I started the whole "Bachelor" franchise since Jillian Harris's "The Bachelorette" season. I have probably watched four seasons as a whole. 

In my opinion, Sean Lowe epitomizes the "All-American Hunk". When I watched a few episodes of Emily's season, I never really took a liking to Sean but never really hated him either. He just seemed boring and too perfect. Kiptyn, anyone? (Even though I really took a liking to him when he was on "Bachelor Pad") 

The premiere was packed with many good surprises. When I watched the season premiere of "The Bachelor," I was quite appalled by the producers' attempts to renovate and switch things up a little. This is because when the women started being interview, I noticed quickly that there was more multi-racial women than usual. 

I mean, I've never truly watched the whole franchise until as stated before, Jillian's season, but I have noticed that the show mainly brings in stunning, abnormally fit, Caucasian women. Nevertheless, props to the producers for trying to incorporate diverse women in the show! 

Speaking of diverse women, there was one contestant (ugh I hate calling these women that) that probably captured the attention of many viewers. Sarah, the beautiful woman with one arm, shocked me and probably many others. Once again, I was surprised. Really surprised. I was pretty amazed how creative the producers have become by changing it up a little. And then there was that audacious girl who came up to Sean for the first time in a wedding dress. The antic was funny and showed that the girl has a really sweet sense of humor. What really surprised me was when Kacie B. came out of the limo to steal Sean's heart. FYI, Kacie previously competed (I can't help but choose game show-like words) for Ben Flajnik's love. Although she seemed to be a fan favorite, her personality was slightly obnoxious to me.

However, there were still themes that remained the same. Ah, yes, the drama queen. Her name is Tierra, who was immediately given a rose right when she walked out of the limo. *Double eye roll*  And then there was that 50 Shades of Grey girl (sorry I forgot her name) but someone like her--horny and drunk--also seems to be a reoccurring theme throughout the show. And because the show needs to have at least one model on the show, Kristy, a 25 year-old model from Wisconsin, is just that. She looks like what would be the morph between Rozlyn, the controversial model from Jake's season, and Courtney, the shallow model who managed to capture Ben's heart...although that didn't really work out.

I liked how Sean handed out roses while he talked with the girls throughout the cocktail party, it saved him from trying to remember names in the middle of the ceremony. More importantly, it saved the audience from having to go through a ridiculously long rose ceremony.

Anyways, I really enjoyed the season premiere but whether or not I will continue watching is a mystery to even me. Considering that I already skipped two episodes and spoiled it on Reality Steve's blog (link will direct you to spoilers) isn't a hopeful sign. Speaking of Reality Steve, if that person really did "win" Sean's heart, then I will be extremely extremely shocked!  


  1. such an amazing, amazing review/recap! and very extremely well written to say the least (this is so good, i feel it could be published in the entertainment section of a newspaper) and i sure understood where you were coming from!

    1. with that said, if you do watch some episodes from this season, i would love to read your reviews/recaps on them!

    2. Thank you so much! I'll try my best