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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Rant

**If you have not watched the most recent episode of Grey's, spoilers ahead
Season 9 of Grey's Anatomy kicked off with an absolute shock to die hard Grey's fans everywhere: the death of Lexie and Mark.

I honestly wish I had made a blog earlier so I could have written down my immediate reaction right when it happened. In a way, I guess it was a good thing because the post would have been without a doubt filled with explicit language.

I couldn't believe the audacity Shonda Rhimes had to kill two of the most beloved characters of the show. Does she not understand that nearly everyone has been rooting for them as a couple since their relationship even began!?!? More importantly, couldn't she had just left them to run off together. I don't care if Chyler Leigh didn't want fans to believe that she would ever come back. It's cruel and heartless to do this to the fans. Anyways, I was pissed and angry and I retaliated by not watching the show for several episodes after that. However, the culprit wasn't their deaths (even though it did have a little to do with me stopping)but it was in fact the lackluster episodes. The show has spiraled to boredom central rather than the amazing show it once had been. 

I was also incredibly angry by the introduction of the ignorant new interns/residents (w/e they are). Would it hurt a producer to bring back a few old characters (the very few left that haven't been killed off)? What about Izzie or Burke (now that T.R. Knight is gone)? I understand that Seattle Grace is a teaching hospital, but are you freaking serious?! I'm assuming they thought it would be refreshing to view the residents as the way the attendees had once viewed Grey, Yang, and the others. However, they epitomize stupidity. I still don't like any of them. I especially hate that new girl who has a strange resemblance to the younger Meredith. However, what really ticks me off is the show's attempt to replace her as Lexie. She has an uncanny similarity to Lexie and she's learning neuro from Shepherd. I can already tell they're going to shape her and Karev into an overplayed intern + attendee relationship. And then there's still annoying Kepner, who still has somehow managed to survive this tragedy-ridden show. I'm glad her and Avery are over--for now--she was just way too emotional and Avery deserves much better. 

The show SOMEWHAT redeemed itself in the latest episode, "Walking on a Dream." The patient stories were actually sort of interesting and it was refreshing to see Arizona overcome her phantom limb issue. This still doesn't mean I was not annoyed by some of the characters. Even though he is a surgical newbie, Ross made my hit list when he killed the first liver. Speaking of liver, the second liver seemed to have some cancerous growth on it, yet they still put it in the patient. I smell another lawsuit coming. The episode was saved by none other than my my favorite characters, Christina and Bailey. Christina's phony speech about saving the kids, covering up her desire for complicated surgeries, was enlightening and hilarious. Bailey's rebuff to Derek when he rejected the proposal to shut down the ER was righteous and is one of the top quotes of that character of all time. 
**UPDATE: "Bad Blood" is probably the best episode of the season. Christina and Bailey's lines were hilarious and the plot line got a little more interesting. I am officially hooked to the show again.

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