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Monday, April 22, 2013

What Should I Wear?: Two Dresses and Creme Wedges

I'll be attending a semi-formal event this weekend and I'm a little undecided on what to wear.

I'm definitely leaning toward the little black dress since the fit is very nice and I just feel good in it. Yet the green one will probably stand out a little more. The fit seems awkward unless I put my hair up which may be a hassle since I will have to rush a little. Both are from H&M and was around $20-25, an absolute steal. However, I did splurge on the Michael Kors creme wedges. Oops.

I'm 79% for sure going with the black dress but I was just wondering what you guys would choose! This idea was inspired by my friend, who also has my name, Emily.

I apologize for the poor lighting. The green is a little more lively in person. Don't mind the wrinkles either haha 
Back of dress
 As for the shoes, these 4" (though the platform is 1" so it feels more like 3") creme wedges are so comfortable and easy to slip on due to the zip on the front. This will definitely pair up with many different outfits in the future. I love them.

I'll also most likely pair each of these with these gold earrings on the right from Nordstrom Rack.


  1. I honestly can't decide! I like the black one more but at the same time I feel like the khaki colored buttons make it a little less formal so then I would say the green one. However, since the second dress is green, spring and summer would be the most appropriate times to wear it so I would take the opportunity. :) As for earrings, the gold ones are more formal and could go with the both dresses, but if you want to wear the turquoise ones, I would only wear it with the black dress.

    1. yeah i was gonna go with gold earrings for both ;) haha hmm interesting subject bringing up the spring and summer! now i'm leaning a little toward green

  2. I like the green one (both really) but I think you'll get more use out of the black.

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  3. You can never go wrong with a little black dress.

  4. i like both and they're so cute! :) i love your creme wedges. xoxo