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Monday, February 18, 2013

Covergirl Lash Blast Review

I'm just going to say right off the bat that this was the first time I tried taking a picture of my eye for this review and boy is it hard! They are not the best pictures but I hope they will suffice to see how effective this mascara is. Like always, this is just my opinion and products work differently for different people. Also, keep in mind I have short, straight lashes so the pictures may not make the product look as effective, but it really is!

Pro: The formula of the mascara is more on the drier side; hence, it doesn't wilt my lashes as easily as other mascaras do as long as I give my lashes a good curl. Like the name implies, this mascara definitely volumizes yet without clumping. However, two applications should be enough or else spider lashes may form. I really like this mascara because there are hardly any smudges (I'm very prone to smudging) by the end of the day. The brush consists or short, rubber bristles, which surprisingly works well combing through my lashes.
Con: This mascara does clump a little on my lower lashes so I never use it on them. The dry formula dries up even more as time progresses and if you are one to keep you mascaras a little longer than the 3 month mark (mascaras' expiration date), this will definitely be unusable after 3 1/2 months. Even though it volumizes, it doesn't do much as far as length goes. My lashes do wilt a little but I'll be slightly forgiving since it's not too significant and I have naturally straight lashes. And to be really picky, the tube is also plain/ugly and a little bulky.

Before w/o any mascara on, my lashes are already curled: 
Awkward you can see the camera reflecting off my eye
 After two applications:

Please excuse my unplucked brows. 

I've tried both the waterproof formula and the regular formula and they both account for my review, except the waterproof one does dry up your lashes after removing it (as most waterproof mascaras do). 

In spite of the minor critiques, I would still repurchase this (technically, I already did since this is my 2nd purchase).

How did lashblast work for you?


  1. great review and the pictures look great too!

  2. wow...looks so lengthening! :) I have yet to find the perfect mascara for me!

    Steph // fun size beauty

    1. RE: Hey Emily! Thanks for following my blog! I'm inching my way to 500.. thanks again... I'm looking forward to more of your reviews and posts :)


    2. no problem! haha i hope you like em'

  3. I've never tried mascara before, so it always amazes me how long mascara can make your lashes!

    1. really!? if i was only allowed to use one beauty product, mascara would be it!