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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fashion Role Model: Kate Beckinsale

The first post to kick off my "Fashion Role Model" series. I'm still unsure about the name, I was thinking either "Fashion Spotlight" or "Fashion Radar". What do you think?

Anyways, I wanted to start off with an actress who wears the most stunning gowns to compliment her envious figure: Kate Beckinsale. 

Nearly 40, Kate Beckinsale still manages to maintain a youthful look. Her deep eyes, well-kempt brunette locks, and high cheek bones make up her soft facial features. She could look good in anything, from Gucci to a potato sack. Her classy style never fails to impress me.
Gorgeous gown

Here are a few of my favorite outfits/dresses she has worn: 
Stunning dress and hair

Why is her hair and face so perfect?!
For whatever reason, this dress reminds me of Cinderella. 
She pulls off this biker chic outfit with finesse.
Kate Beckinsale: Calypso Shopping Stop!
Brit Beauty
Amazing hair paired with a simple yet classy dress.
Which outfit is your favorite?


  1. i pretty much love them all! she's absolutely stunning, and wow, almost 40!

  2. She is so stunning, one of my fave fashionable actresses, I have total hair envy when I see an picture of her! I love her red carpet looks, but I'm always in love with her casual looks. That biker chic style is awesome! And I love how effortless she can look yet so stylish at the same time!!

  3. She is one of my fav actoress - so beautiful, does a great job, and keeps herself well in the media. All of these outfits look good, and she is so stunning in them all! want her casual outfit!x

  4. Wow, her style is amazing, and she looks so beautiful. I love the next to last one for an everyday outfit, and the two first ones are gorgeous! :) Great post!
    xx, Siri