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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscars 2013 Red Carpet Radar

The Oscars premiered over the weekend and I decided to do a post on my favorite dresses/outfits of the night. 

Jennifer Aniston
The blonde beauty never fails to impress. Her streak did not end Sunday.

Jennifer Garner
Her gorgeous purple/plum dress is accessorized perfectly and is an incredibly  flattering fit. I unfortunately could not find a picture of the incredibly fluffy backing of the dress, but you can somewhat imagine the layered frock. 

Helen Hunt
Her dress isn't exactly the most jaw-dropping, it's simple and yeah, maybe there are a little wrinkles. But it's from H&M. Yes, that's right. H&M!!!! Apparently they are trying to be greener and they are associated with an environmental organization that she has been collaborating with. I mean, she did accessorize with $700k worth of jewelry but her decision to wear an affordable dress (in our standards) is still pretty dang awesome. 

Naomi Watts
Watts's hair and dress is absolutely gorgeous. The picture speaks for itself.

Amanda Seyfried
Honestly, I feel like this dress is for those who are older than Seyfried but her youthful complexion manages to pull it off! 
Eddie Redmayne
Seyfried's "Les Miserables" co-star is a stud. Period.

Zoe Saldana
The "Avatar" actress pulled off her fashion forward dress in a stunning manner. I love her dress. Hers is probably my favorite dress of the night.

Amy Adams
Her very feathery dress compliments her ginger hair color and fair skin tone along with her cute hairstyle. I'm still waiting for Enchanted 2.

Bradley Cooper
And of course, I'm not going to leave my husband out. I've been trying to tell him to cut his hair lately but he just won't listen!

P.S. What was up with the "Jaws" theme song cutting everybody off?


  1. I LOVE reading the Oscar posts that have been up lately! Amanda Seyfried, Eddie (given,) Jennifer Lawrence, and Amy Adam's now that I saw your post were my favorites. (I seem to like the white family haha) However, Amanda's dress was my absolute favorite. :)

    1. Yes, she looks stunning. Lawrence looked great but I thought her dress was a little too plain so that's why I omitted her. I agree, Seyfried pulls off her outfit incredibly well.

  2. There were SO many amazing gowns this year! My fave by far was Jennifer Lawrence!

    SarahSee. Beauty

  3. Everyone looked so beautiful this year especially Eddie Redmayne, but then again he always looks beautiful!

  4. Everyone looked great! I really loved Amanda Seyfried's dress. She always looks gorgeous.

  5. Naomi Watts is my favoriiteee!! I love your blog. Following :)