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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Essie Magnetic Polish: Repstyle First Impression

I'm a little late on the magnetic nail polish trend but I came across the Essie Magnetic Polishes at Target and picked one up from this collection for $10. I decided to go for a metallic green/olive polish called Repstyle. 
The instructions were hidden behind this sticker, I had to peel it off.

The instructions say after you paint your second coat, you must immediately hold the magnet over the wet polish as close as you can for five seconds for a snakeskin design. Emphasis on the immediately! 

I ended up having to redo four of my fingers and even one three times! Warning, some nails only showed designs in the middle of the nail most likely because I didn't rotate the polish above the whole nail.

 This polish gave me a LOT of trouble with the somewhat vague instructions. I also kept on putting the magnet too close and occasionally got polish on it. I was really frustrated, especially because I find the design mediocre and slightly creepy at some angles. However, the polish did glide on smoothly and I didn't have to clean-up any extra residue for once.  I made a mistake by not putting the magnet over fast enough and didn't make my second coat very thick. I really do believe you need to hold it longer than 5 seconds, since some came out better than others when I hovered it over my nail longer. 

First coat:

Second coat and after magnet (as you can see, some came out better than others) : 
Wasn't very happy with the results

I'm still not sure whether or not I'll buy another polish from this collection since it seemed too much of a hassle the first time for the end product. Perhaps it was just me being an amateur. Just remember: GO VERY FAST AND ROTATE AROUND NAIL.

Have you ever tried magnetic polishes? If so, how was it?

***UPDATE The longer I wore it, the more I took a liking to the design and I've also received many compliments for the cool design!


  1. The design and colors look chic in the pictures though! It's more unique than regular magnetic nails, that's for sure. :) This looks almost like you got gel nails!

    1. I honestly feel bad for sort of bashing the product since I guess it was user error but the whole process was just difficult. Thanks for reading!

  2. It's cool! but it doesn't look as nice as the ads. :0

    1. The results were meh, but they do look better in person!

  3. I didn't even know that essie had magnetic polishes! I love the pattern the magnet gave. So cool! I will definitely have to check these out. :)
    xx, Siri

  4. wow great post:) I bought this the other day, can't believe I havn't used this yet.. will have to do so soon! x