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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Walking Dead: "Prey"

The Walking Dead's become more like The Talking Dead these past few episodes but last week's episode, "Prey" turned it around. This episode focused it all on Andrea, which normally I would have a problem with considering I despise her character. However, I was actually interested this time since she seems to have become more aware of the governor's psycho ways.

Anyways, the episode sort of lags, nothing really noteworthy except Andrea sees the governor putting together a torture chamber--presumable for Michonne--which instigates her escape. She finally leaves Woodbury after convincing Tyreese and his lady friend, forgot her name, to let her go. On a side note, I really do hope they break free from the deceiving utopian society of Woodbury since they, especially Tyreese, are important characters in the comics.

After she flees, the governor finds out and pursues her and of course, with his determined "I'm going to get you and kill you" pose/stare. 

Meanwhile, Tyreese and the rest of his group are taken to gather a group of walkers to release to the prison. The morally right Tyreese disagrees but his fellow survivor, the annoying husband of the woman who died at the prison..don't know his name either, gets defensive. The following day, Martinez discovers the pit the walkers were held captive in burnt to a crisp with charred walkers. He tells the governor and the viewers and the governor it was Tyreese's doing, but it turns out it was in fact, Milton, the awkward, weak, morally conflicted doctor/scientist/nerd at Woodbury aka the governor's right hand man. 

Anyways, back to Andrea, she manages to find her way to the prison and is clearly tired and flustered. She narrowly escapes the governor but right when Rick is about to see her, the governor pushes her to the ground, hindering her from his view. 

The episode ends with the governor telling his crew that he could not find Andrea but the camera pans to Andrea locked up and duct taped in the torture chamber she saw in the beginning of the episode. 

Honestly, I'm absolutely an Andrea hater...she was a bitch to Dale, she shot Daryl, she's rash, she slept with the governor, she inadvertently chose the governor over Rick's group, and she missed the SEVERAL OPPORTUNITIES TO KILL THAT MOTHEREFFING DOUCHE BAG GOVERNOR. 

What was I saying again? Oh right, well even though I basically hate her, seeing her in that room invoked pity for her because I just know something gruesome is coming up for her. Can't wait.


  1. It's nice to see a post on twd as Im glued to it catching up with the latest episodes as soon as possible, and me too - I am also an Andrea hater! She is such a stupid person and I've never rly liked her even from the beginning of series 1. I agree she makes stupid decisions. I also think she's so arrogant thinking she knows and can do anything, never understood what the point if her character in this story is really but I'm beginning to think there is a use now since I do sense something exciting happening too!!
    She was sooo close to being seen by Rick when she was getting near to the prison, can't wait to see what happens between the prison vs woodbury group..
    Hope that creepy guvnor will stop but I don't think the producers will get rid if this character that quick especially when there are only 2 episodes left, i bet they will leave it suspense..

    1. right?! i think there will be some epic standoff between the governor and somebody else (either rick, andrea, glenn, or a feeling it's gonna be andrea or maybe even milton) during the season finale and it'll leave the fans hanging. but however it ends, someone's going to get hurt/die but the governor's definitely gonna die sometime soon, without a doubt.