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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Story Time: Mating Cats?

Last night, I could not sleep because of what sounded like a screaming toddler throwing a tantrum outside. I was petrified since it was midnight and thought there might have been some child abuse going on or something. I was too chicken to investigate any further so of course I decided to call a stronger member in my household: my mom.

She came inside my room and heard the the cries of a baby, which would go quieter for 10 seconds and make that we-all-know-so-well temper tantrum scream. My mother was confused about this too but after a minute of listening, I could see a light bulb click in her head. 

"They're the cats." 

We have a few stray cats around our neighborhood that sometimes goes around our house since our neighbor feeds them milk. So apparently when cats--especially female--are in their "heat" aka mating time, they make loud screams that resemble a screaming baby. I decided to investigate further this morning and  learned that the male...part...has tiny backward spines/barbs that makes it extremely painful for the female during intercourse. In fact, the male holds down the female by biting her neck. The withdrawal is what causes the pain, but is also what stimulates fertilization. My curiosity was piqued.

Who knew? Definitely not me. 

Of course there is that chance there were cats fighting over territory but I just know the cat was in her "heat." 

I never in my life knew mating was that painful for female cats! I guess it's the way of life since only humans and dolphins have intercourse for pleasure. I researched even more and learned that this painful way of reproducing also applies to lions. 

The screams came every 20 seconds for 5 minutes straight last night. Poor cat. It's traumatizing really. I'm still not entirely sure whether her screams were from intercourse or to attract a mate. In addition, female cats roll over after doing *ahems* because they are trying to unite the sperm and eggs (something like that, it improves chances of fertilization apparently).

Oh gee, yesterday night has turned me into some cat sex specialist.....


  1. Haha funny but interesting.. hehehe