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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tag: This or That

If you've watched beauty gurus on Youtube for a while, there was a popular tag a few years back called the This or That tag. I've always wanted to do it but since I didn't have a youtube channel back then, (still won't..I'm much too timid), I never had the opportunity to. However, now that I have a blog I guess I'll just jump right to it. The idea resurfaces after seeing Siri's video. Feel free to do this tag as well and comment below so I can see it :) 

tag questions:

blush or bronzer: gosh, i love both immensely but i use bronzer more on a daily basis since i'm pale and i blush/turn read easily, especially in the blazing heat, which i endure most of the year
lip gloss or lipstick:    hmmm colored lip balm? lip buttter? haha i guess lipstick since many lip glosses are too                 sticky for me
eye liner or mascara: definitely mascara, would've said eyeliner a year ago though
foundation or concealer: concealer, i hardly wear foundation on an everyday basis but concealer is A MUST.
neutral or color eye shadow: neutral
pressed or loose eye shadows:  pressed, loose is too messy
brushes or sponges: brushes, i just feel it's more sanitary, whether or not it's true

OPI or china glaze: believe it or not, i've never actually owned an opi nail polish :O they just seem so damn expensive! so i'll just say china glaze but i may change my mind when i purchase an opi polish
Long or short: short (but not too short), long nails are a hassle
Acrylic or natural: natural! acrylics impede on everyday life
Brights or darks: darks
Flower or no flower: both? 

perfume or body splash: perfume since it lasts longer but i use body splash more
lotion or body butter:  lotion 
body wash or soap: body wash
lush or other bath company: i don't have many lushes near me, but does bath and body works count? i guess lush

jeans or sweat pants: jeans for sure when i go out but sweat pants when lounging around at home
long sleeve of short:  long sleeves, short sleeves make my arms look fat, i either go tank top or long
dresses or skirts: i guess dresses since it's a full outfit in one haha
stripes or plaid: oohhh very difficult question....stripes
flip flops or sandals: sandals, more stylish/options
scarves or hats: scarves, nobody wears hats where i'm from
studs or dangly earrings: i love dangly earrings but studs for sure
necklaces or bracelets: another difficult question...bracelets, a bare neck looks prettier than a bare arm hahaha you know what i mean, i just like the way bracelets look more
heels or flats: flats..someday i'll conquer heels!!
cowboy boots or riding boots: riding boots, cowboy boots don't look very good on me
jacket or hoodie: i like jackets but hoodies for sure..they're just so damn comfortable!
forever 21 or charlotte russe: hmmm i like charlotte russe a lot and it's much easier to find articles of clothing in there but i've shopped longer at f21, so i guess that will win by default but it's close!
abercombie or Hollister: hollister's cheaper for relatively the same quality so that
saks 5th or nordstrom: never actually shopped at saks fifth, but i adore nordstrom

curly or straight: straight, easier to control
bun or ponytail: i was always a ponytail girl but i'm getting into buns lately so i guess ponytail is another default win
bobby pins or butterfly clips: bobby pins, used to love butterfly pins when i was younger though 
hair spray or gel:  spray 
long or short: long, but i've always wanted a long bob (i wouldn't look good w/ a short one)...wish i could work a shorter hairstyle though
light or dark: i'm assuming by light, you mean blonde? considering that i couldn't exactly work a natural blonde hairstyle with my oriental heritage, dark
side sweep bangs or full bangs: side sweep day i'll get blunt bangs
up or down: up when dirty and down when it's not, but i feel better when it's up

Rain or shine: contrary to what most would say, rain, i love sunshine but rain comes so rarely where i live
Summer or winter: winter! holiday time
Fall or spring: fall! holiday time is near
Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla 
East coast or west coast: my personality is most definitely an east coaster but i'm from the west coast so i guess i'm obligated to say west coast but would love to live on the east for sometime (i think i'll ultimately settle in the west later on in life) 


  1. This was so much fun to read! I think I might do it when I get a chance. :)

  2. I saw this too! I'm going to do it.

    7% Solution​

    1. woot woot i'll be sure to check it out

  3. I love this you can learn so much about people, i'm pale too so i use blush because most bronzers have a orange undertone! Any good ones you'd recommend?

    1. i really like the NYC sunny bronzer :) affordable and not orange. i heard benefit's hula bronzer is great!

  4. I love this tag! think I might do one. You've got a lovely blog :) i also just spent a ridiculous amount of time playing with those fish on your blog! ahah, cute addition there. New follower :) x