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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Liebster Award Nom

I was nominated by the lovely Katie for the Liebster Award so I guess I'll get right to answering it. In case you didn't know, I've already done an actual full Liebster Award right here.

* Describe your typical Sunday
* Where is your current most used handbag from?
* Are you currently studying? If so what?
* Who is your favourite author?
* Who or what inspires you the most?
* Describe yourself in one word.
* Do you have a secret talent?
* Favourite food...
* If you had to take part in one reality show, which would it be?
* Who is your favourite designer?
* What is your favourite smell?

--My typical Sunday consists of homework and just resting or any volunteering events that day from school clubs. This is basically my catch up day for when I procrastinate homework, I refer to it as "no sleep sundays"
--My current most used handbag is this crossbody bag from Nordstrom. Surprisingly, it was only in 16$!!!! I found it in the most random place ever: the kid's section. It was in this random tub full of cute crossbody bags and I picked up a nice dark brown one and I'd say it looks pretty cute :) 
--Hmm I don't really have a favorite author but J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter so clearly, I enjoy her work. 
--Humble and hard working individuals that devote their time toward philanthropic efforts. It's refreshing to know that there is actual good out there in this seemingly greedy and corrupt world we live in. They inspire me to be a better person and to stay humble and give back. 
--I can snap really loud? I'm quite a boring person really. I guess I can manage to fall down the stairs if I don't pay attention. Yes, I need to focus while walking up the stairs...(refer to answer above)
--Donuts, particularly Krispy Kreme, Furaibo, In-n-out....there's just way too many to choose but basically anything I shouldn't be eating haha
--The Bachelor. Haha just kidding! There's no way I can live with those crazy women! The Amazing Race even though I'd be terrified out of my wits, as long as I can find a partner that can do better in open water than me, I think it'd be quite an awesome adventure. I've started watching the show this season because I'm rooting for the youtubers and I really like the concept and filming of the show.
--I don't really buy clothes based on designer so I don't have one.
--The smell in Target, Barnes & Nogle, and a bakery. HAHA hmm I really have to truly think about this one but I do love the fragrance in those two places! I guess I like the smell of coffee and donuts a lot. Actually, the smell inside a Starbucks..yes that's it! 

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


  1. Elementary is most definitely worth watching. I love their portrayal of Watson.

    And you so have me craving donuts.

  2. Yes! Target, B&N, bakery's, and Starbucks do smell sooo good!