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Monday, December 10, 2012

My Opinion on Rom-Coms (mostly on movies in general though)

Throughout the years, romantic comedy movies have gained a bad reputation among critics. The audience of this genre has slowly evolved from a rather diverse age group to idealistic teenage girls. However, rom-coms weren't always known to be cheesy and unrealistic, some notable romantic comedy movies are Some Like it Hot, Pretty Woman, What Women Want, and When Harry Met Sally.  

Alright, I'll admit that I only watched two out of the four I mentioned above. And yes, I indeed fall into the group of teenage girls that enjoy this genre. Although I will be the first to admit that "chick flicks" and "rom-coms" are definitely not the best for those looking for a hardcore plot with mind-blowing acting and revolutionizing effects, there are certain aspects to the corny lines and unrealistic storyline that make them a beneficial addition to the entertainment world.

I feel that the entertainment industry's standards of creating original, suspenseful, mind-boggling, dramatic, and action-packed films have speedily progressed with the advanced technology that continues to develop into who knows what. The ludicrous comebacks of certain movies into cinemas for audiences to watch in "3D" has grown steadily in the past few years and has provided an excuse for the cast and crew to profit even more(Titanic 3D anyone? really?).

The constant demand for inventiveness has pressured many writers to throw out original motion pictures that are either a prominent success or a huge failure--most have been the latter. Even worse, the lack of creativity in the entertainment industry has resulted in numerous remakes of old movies or film adaptations of classic books.

Anyways, I'm rambling again. My point is that sometimes the audience needs a little cheesiness and an impractical romance story to balance the heaviness that accompanies the suspense and drama that seem to appear in many movies today.

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

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