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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Walking Dead Mid-Season 3 Finale Review

*If you have not watched Season 2 or Season 3, I suggest you don't read this blog post as it does contain spoilers. 

I finally caught up with all the episodes of The Walking Dead.

Seriously, this show is amazing.

The suspense is profound and the most recent episode (the mid-season finale) had me SHAKING. I was terrified for Glenn or Daryl dying, especially when I learned Glenn dies in the comics. However, I was somewhat reassured because the TV show doesn't really follow the comics. When the final scene of the episode appears, it shows Merle (however you spell that prick's name) and Daryl finally meeting after nearly a year; however, the two are in dire need of help because they are surrounded by the quixotic Woodbury citizens demanding their deaths. 

I just want to make it clear right now that if the writers decide to kill Daryl....

In all honesty though, I'd be EXTREMELY angry. Only Glenn and Daryl have managed to NOT annoy the hell out of me or caused any problems. Maggie and Glenn win the cutest couple ever award during a zombie apocalypse.

I have a love-hate relationship for Andrea. When Amy died, I felt nothing but pity for the poor woman, even during her suicidal swings. Unfortunately, when she decided to be a bitch to Dale and sleep with Shane, oh yeah, AND SHOOT DARYL, it was over. On the other hand, the Season 2 finale definitely displayed her bad-ass side and my respect for her resurfaced once again.

Oh wait, but then she decided to sleep with the slimiest, creepiest dude, "The Governor," the military wannabe, and disregard Michonne's warning pleas. Seriously, is she an IDIOT? Yes, yes she is. In addition, how DARE she pull out a gun on Michonne and save the Governor's life!! She needs to snap the hell out of it. I almost hit my computer screen due her aggravating demeanor.  Michonne should have killed that creeper the moment she had the chance but Andrea screwed it all up. After Lori, Andrea is the most annoying character ever. Why does this show make females look so pathetic? The only way she can redeem herself is by saving Daryl.

Speaking of Lori, her death was absolutely heart-wrenching. Even though I hated the slutty, dumb woman, nobody should ever have to die like that. Sacrificing her life for her newborn definitely exemplified a side to Lori that the audience never knew about...just kidding. Alright this might come across as shallow and inhumane but the show should have never introduced a newborn into the storyline. Even in the comics, Judith (the baby), died with Lori when she got shot. How are they going to possibly survive and run with a freaking baby?! She would cry every 30 seconds and attract a crapload of walkers. The only way they can potentially raise a child is at Woodbury, but I absolutely despise that place. Lori should have kept her legs closed the first time. I get that she thought her husband was dead, but after two weeks you sleep with his best friend?! Really?!

All in all, The Walking Dead has climbed up to my top 5 favorite TV shows of all time, which is an amazing feat considering there have only been 2 1/2 seasons. 

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