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Friday, December 7, 2012

Vampire Diaries 408 "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street"

Dear The Vampire Diaries writers,

You have redeemed yourself.

While watching, I still had some leftover bitterness from last week's episode after Caroline and Stefan realized that Damon and Elena had a sire bond. I personally never found anything wrong with this story line, but I was infuriated when Stefan and Caroline blamed Elena's sudden lust for Damon on the bond. Although I can definitely see their reasoning behind their judgment, I was enraged because I (along with all the other Delena fans) have been waiting for a ridiculously long time for Damon and Elena to FINALLY get together and when they do, BAM. Nope, sorry, that will never ever happen. Do you hear that? Oh yeah, that's all Delena fans' hearts shattering.

Anyways, the Hayley and Tyler story line still seemed boring as ever and has continued to fail to interest me. However, I can predict that I will definitely get into it when things get intense..because everything seems to get that way on this show.

While Damon and Stefan are looking for the ancient witch that holds knowledge on how to break a vampire sire bond, Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena engage in teenage partying antics. Things take a dramatic turn when Caroline is captured by this psychotic werewolf (I honestly forgot her name...seriously that's how much I really care about the hybrids right now). Luckily, Tyler and Elena find her and Tyler affirms his "alpha" position and yada yada..*yawns* 

I was really happy with the "flashback" element in this episode. I feel like that aspect has been gone for a while. I was excited to see Lexi back (gosh, I miss her character) and trying to keep "ripper" Stefan in check and in a way, keeping Damon in check too. 

Back to the important stuff, when Tyler told Elena that the sire bond doesn't affect feelings and then the witch lady says that vampires have sire bonds when the newbie vampire had strong human feelings for its face literally turned like this:

I think it's safe to say that all Delena fans were ecstatic about the turn of events. Unfortunately, I feel that the last scene of the episode was anti-climatic because we all know that Damon will definitely not be able to demand her to forget him. Although I might be proved wrong, remember the part where he made her forget that he told her he loves her?


By the way, where the heck was Klaus? He was nowhere in this episode *insert sad face*

What are your opinions of last night's episode?

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