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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 1 Impression/Review

*This review does not contain spoilers and PLEASE do not comment spoilers below. I hate spoilers. So I will hate you. Just kidding, but seriously please do not write anything that happens in Season 2 or Season 3. 

So my ongoing quest to find another TV show to go through in another record time, (seven seasons of HIMYM in 1 month, anyone?) has been halted (for now) with a show that has garnered much attention from scrupulous critics and acquired a massive fan base. I mean, 12 million fans on Facebook three seasons in? Crazy. Well, maybe not considering the massive increase of Facebook users daily, but still.  

Anyways, the show I'm talking about is none other than The Walking Dead.

Yes, that zombie apocalypse show.

In all honesty, when I first heard of the show's premise, I was quite baffled and dumbfounded by the increasing popularity. I thought it was some juvenile, unrealistic show about psychotic humans shooting zombies. Technically, the last part is true but boy was I wrong about the first part.

I anticipated a lot from the Season 1 premiere: action, suspense, mind-boggling makeup, and good acting. All of which were present in the hour long premiere. 

I will admit that I was a little fearful of things popping out and scaring the living bajeezies out of me. In fact, I actually searched up whether the show was scary or not. However, the results assured me that the show was more suspenseful than anything but is not for those that are unable to take gore. Luckily, I'm not one of those faint-hearted people; on the other hand, I was terrified and ecstatic at the same time to start this wonderful series. 

The show centers around a sheriff (well, I guess ex-sheriff considering everyone's practically dead) named Rick and his struggle to leave the zombie-infested city in order to find his family. The episode is set in Atlanta, Georgia. Most of the "walkers" (the show never refers to the word "zombies") gather in herds near big cities but are most definitely not exclusive to them. 

I don't want to spoil the season for you but I'll just say there's one word that comes to my mind regarding this show: suspense.

Whoaaaa nelly, the writers sure know how to get the audience on their feet. The viewers are nearly captivated every single second for fear of "walkers" coming out to attack the characters, killing them or even worse, TURNING them into the ravenous species. The unprecedented turn of events and settings throughout the season was a great element of the show.

All in all, I would recommend this show to those that have liked Lost (or shows similar to that), I Am Legend, or any apocalyptic films/series or are solely interested in seeing a show full of action and suspense. However, if you can't take blood or gore, this show is probably not for you.

I'm three episodes into Season 2 and I definitely agree with the critiques of the season's slow pace, yet it still manages to maintain its element of surprise with plot twists and cliffhangers.