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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Opinion on the VS Fashion Show

Every time I pass by a Victoria's Secret store, my self-esteem is undeniably lowered. Those photo-shopped pictures of the ridiculously toned models with curves that seem to defy the laws of anatomy (if there were such a thing). The tanned, beautifully sculpted women are without a doubt jaw-dropping gorgeous; however, I never understood the obsession, especially from women, with them. 

The Victoria Secret's Fashion Show is an annual televised event that broadcasts Victoria Secret's "Angels," VS's models, dressed in lingerie that are embroidered with dazzling beads and sequins. To make things extra dramatic, the models are also decked out in a bizarre, eye-catching costume--usually in the shape of an angel wing.

Here's an example:

Alessandra Ambrosio from VS Fashion Show 2012
You can clearly see Alessandra Ambrosio is an absolutely stunning woman but the ludicrous cherry blossoms laying on her back in place of angel wings are in my opinion, tacky and laughable. 

The fashion show draws fans ranging from not only men--but from women as well. 


I don't know. 

All I see is the company advertising nonsensical lingerie that no woman in their right mind would ever wear. The cheesy attire is cringe worthy and silly. The perfectly chiseled models can diminish even the most confident woman's pride in her physique. Let's face it, not all women were made the same way and the models disparage women's views on body image. Being 5' 8 and having high cheekbones and perfectly proportioned assets are not features that most women are born with. I was always amazed with girls' declarations of their favorite "angel." I mean, really? Unless they have actually overcome hardships and shown genuine philanthropic efforts, why must one idolize a model who shatters any woman's ego?

Not to castigate the effort put into these entertaining shows because there certainly is an artistic perspective to the event. Unfortunately, they are overshadowed by the coordinators' extravagant and unnecessary attempts to advertise overpriced, impractical undergarments on tall, skinny, women.

On the other hand, the creative and aesthetic elements utilized in the show prove to be a justifiable reason for viewers to watch models strut their voluptuous body, the reason why most men probably watch the show.

All in all, the VS Fashion Show is an overrated televised event that garners millions of views each year, an occurrence that will eternally baffle me.